Friday, August 31, 2007

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

From Mansoor

I am an average-aged man of 40 years of age,a Persian of Iranian origin.I lived in Beirut,Lebanon where I owned a flourishing currency trading company(Bureau de Change,before the Israeli airstrike in Beirut that razed my office building to void and caused my business a tremendous setback after killing a few staff including Alas,my wife and pretty daughter, Nadia.
The reason i contacted you is to enable me have access to a more viable employment and to find out if you could, in the spirit of brotherhood and utmost trust;guide me on your countrys Fiscal or Budgetary policies so i can invest my money in your country without encountering any issues with your homeland securities over my non citizenship status which would have been the case if i were to attempt to incorporate a limited liability company without partnering with a capable and bonafide citizen of your country;since It has become inevitable for me to diversify the scope of my investment and leave beirut for a more stable business climate like your country.Since I can no longer guarantee the security of my life and property back in Lebanon,especially now that most of my creditors who knew i was on seat the day my office complex was razed down ,and so think i am dead by now.
Meanwhile i am still receiving treatment at the Intensive Care Unit of Lancashier General Hospital here in Haslingden Rossendale,UK where i was flown to by a UN Doctor from Cyprus Greece because I did not want to be found among the casualties & survivors for obvious security reasons ,knowing that i have 9 million dollars cash in my Safe Deposit Box.
I later concealed the money among some ancient golden artefacts in my vault and deposited it in the Bonded Warehouse of a Diplomatic Courier Service Company that can deliver the consignment to any destination i choose to settle away from Beirut whenever i am discharged from the hospital.

But look at me now still here after four months and obliged to keep paying the daily demurrages and security charges on the cargoe untill i am discharged from the hospital next month,Insha Allah. I had thought and planned accordingly, that i will not stay here in the hospital beyond the three weeks i was told initially by the doctor it will take for the plastic surgery to heal completely. That is why i think it wiser now to contact you and use the money i paid into my Credit Card Account here in the UK ,to settle the total charges and the courier cost of delivering the consignment to you instead of allowing it there at the warehouse to keep accumulating more and more bills which i may not be able to afford from what little that will be left in my credit card account after i settle my hospital bills.

You have nothing to worry or fear about because nobody else apart from Allah and you ,knows that i have such a huge sum of money in the box and not only the Ancient Golden Artefacts and Allluvial gold dust which i declared in the manifest and is truely in the box as well. Besides the money can never be detected by any currency detecting machine at your Local Airport ,because of the special packaging,diplomatic imunity and other privileges the accompanying Diplomat will be accorded at your local airport when he arrives with a D/L TAG on the cargoe.So let me have your full infomation so we can negotiate on the commensurate percentage of the total sum i shall give to you for assisting me to see this deal through and to enable the Diplomat contact you and deliver the Safe Deposit Box to you as soon as he arrives.

I await your response .
Best regards.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

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