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Interesting Facts on Home based Businesses

There is an industry that thrives in todays times, that thrives in recession that thrives in todays market of insecurity and instability throughout the corporate world You may have heard of it. It's the HOME BUSINESS INDUSTRY which has grown at a ridiculous rate and if you are not part of it, you are missing the boat in more ways than one.

Because here are the facts:
49 million individuals are globally involved in a home business.
175,000 people in the United States join into a home based business each week.
475,000 people worldwide are joining in a homebased business every week.
In the US alone the Homebased Business Industry is a $30 billion dollar industry.
Overseas the increase was even more substantial. During 2003 sales rose $2.6 billion and reached $88.4 billion worldwide. That's almost $90 billon. That's outrageous!
It is predicted in the next 10 years, that the industry will have more growth than it has in the entire 50 years that it has been in business.

Now here is a fact that probably will blow your mind:
The average income of the average American out there working a job is a little over $30,000 a year.The average income of an income producing home business is $63,000 a year. That's DOUBLE the average income of a wage earner. Wow!


When considering a company, there are 4 key points that you want to be aware of.The Company and Its Story ? Everyone likes to claim they are the "best" but there is really no such thing. It's important to select a company that is visionary, with strong management, impressive growth, positive media attention, and with momentum still ahead. We have it all! Internet Based ? Look for a company that has a strong Internet presence. With SuccessOnlineNow and TNI everything is available right online, from sign up, to order, to training, to business overview, everything can be done online. Don't misunderstand, this is a relationship business but we function in the power of the Internet. Strong Compensation Plan ? Look for a powerful but "fair to all" compensation plan. TNI's compensation plan has proven to be one of the best in the business. TNI pays out 53% income and bonuses to its distributors with no company breakage. This does not include all the company incentives and trips, for instance, 2 trips to Tahiti every year; TNI in 2002 took over 1,000 to Hawaii for the annual Gold Retreat. You also get paid on the entire company's sales through the bonus programs. This is a plan that pays well and it pays fairly. Strong Product Line ? There are many health, wellness and anti-aging companies out there. Vitamin and weight-loss companies are a dime a dozen. In order for you to have a product that you can successfully market, it has to be unique; never been marketed before; protected by patents to create a strong future for years to come. TAHITIAN NONI® Juice is that product!
1. TAHITIAN NONI® Juice is impossible to duplicate (much like Coca-Cola). TNI created the proprietary 6-step system we call "tree to bottle," which is absolutely exclusive. It comes with a history of over 2,000 years of usage by the Polynesian people. TAHITIAN NONI® Juice is truly changing the world and you have the opportunity to get in front of this wave and financially benefit.
2. Science and research verify TAHITIAN NONI® Juice. There has been undisputable independent research conducted by Dr. Ralph Heinicke, Dr. Anne Hirazumi-Kim, Dr. Mian-Ying Wang, Dr. Chen Su, and many more. So you have solid evidence that it works!
3. TAHITIAN NONI® Juice is protected by 24 issued and pending patents which will protect you and your business! There are currently over 200 companies trying to copy TAHITIAN NONI® Juice. We consider this a compliment. Who copies a bad thing? TNI holds 95% of the market share in the world, leaving those 200 companies fighting for the remaining 5%. TNI understands the power of branding. That is what creates a future for not only you, but also a future for your children and your grandchildren.
4. TNI is rock solid and debt-free. The 5 original founders/owners are still running the business today. With over 100 years of experience collectively in their respected fields, our foundation is strong. Their experience, their vision, their honesty and integrity and most of all, their passion are the reasons why TNI has done over $1 BILLION in sales in their first 6 years in business. When you take a quick summary of TNI's past, then look at their future, you have to be getting incredibly excited about your future in TNI.
5. TNI has already paid out over $1 Billion in commissions to its distributor force. By the end of 2002, there were more than 180 people in TNI that had earned over $1 MILLION! TNI's compensation plan is setting the standards for the industry for decades to come. It pays 53% of our company's earnings back to its sales force without breakage! It pays weekly and monthly. It offers equal opportunity to all! That you can count on!
6. Reputation and credibility are everything. In 2000, TNI debuted on the Inc. 500 List as:? #1 Network Marketing Company? #1 Health Product Company? #1 Healthy Food Product Company ? #26 Fastest Growing Company in North America (out of nearly 12 million private businesses in the U.S.). In fact, TNI ranks 3rd all time, and 1st in the past 20 years in actual sales growth from inception.
7. TAHITIAN NONI® Juice is the dominant brand in its category receiving respect in the news, TV shows, radio, magazines and billboards. (ie. The Rosie O'Donnell Show, Success Magazine, Extra, Marie Claire, Discovery Channel's "Health Watch", etc.) Where in the market have you seen an "all-natural" product getting this much publicity? And, this is only the beginning!
8. TNI is bursting the MLM paradigm. As an Access Marketing Company, combining 5 key methods for building a successful business in today's world? Network Marketing, E ? Commerce Marketing, Home-based Business Marketing, Catalog Marketing, and Brand Marketing, we are not only leading the industry, but we are bursting the MLM paradigm. In 2003 (this year), we even have a major motion picture release about our noni product!
9. The in-home-based business can be a huge tax benefit! It has been estimated that people who do not have a home based business are simply giving up $200 or more to the government every month in taxes. In-home-based businesses are on the rise, because of the tax write-offs the government offers such as: your phone bill, marketing materials, business cards, mileage, postage, leadership conventions, etc.
10. TNI has just begun. It is the perfect time to share this business opportunity with others! We are projected to double in size over the next 2 years. Already at $43+ million per month, it has been estimated that only 7% of the world has heard about this emerging opportunity. Just think, 7 years ago, no one had heard of TNI or TAHITIAN NONI® Juice. Now, every 2 seconds, someone, somewhere purchases a bottle. The TAHITIAN NONI® brand will become as well known and valued as PepsiCo and Coca-Cola. It has been estimated that only 7% of the people in the world know about this phenomenal opportunity. TNI is a fast moving train and it's going with you or without you. We are looking for business partners who understand the trends that are taking place and who want to be a part of this history-making company.
We are eager to train you on the best strategies and business tools available to build a successful Network Marketing business. So you have to ask yourself?.if given the opportunity to financially benefit from the massive growth that is happening in TNI, am I ready to take action and join this team of professionals in TNI?

and if ready please to take a quick online interview click here

Access Marketing an Asset not a Job

Robert Kiyosaki's article about network marketing at
this two-page PDF that you can download.

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TAHITIAN NONI JUICE - Dosage Guidelines
(Refrigerate after opening - Shake before drinking.)
AMOUNT TO DRINK: Dr. Solomon suggests: For the first 3 to 4 days, drink one teaspoon before breakfast and 1 teaspoon before dinner. Gradually increase this amount until - Week 2-4: Drink 2 oz. in the morning &2 oz. In the afternoon, followed by a glass of water. Preferably on an empty stomach, half hour before food. Refer to Dr. Solomon's book entitled,
TAHITIAN NONI JUICE: HOW MUCH, HOW OFTEN, FOR WHAT for those who have a diagnosed illness. The amount of Tahitian Noni Juice should be calculated accordingly. For a maintenance/prevention serving, Dr. Solomon suggests 2 oz. per day (1 oz. twice a day - morning and afternoon). If you have health challenges, it is recommended you drink from 2-8 ounces per day. Dr. Ralph Heinicke states that sipping Tahitian Noni Juice throughout the day greatly accelerates the benefits. CANCER and Severe Immune Challenges are recommended to use a very heavy loading dose and heavier maintenance doses. Most healthcare professionals and users of the juice for these challenges agree with the following dosage... Drink 1 bottle per day, for 4 days (sipping throughout the day), then ½ a bottle a day for the next 4 days, then 8 ounces a day as a regular maintenance dose. Include the Noni HOA vitamin supplement with the juice... (4 gel caps that include 80 different Grade "A' natural ingredients from around the world!)
WHEN TO DRINK TAHITIAN NONI JUICE: To give your body the best opportunity to utilize the benefits of Tahitian Noni Juice, it is best taken on an empty stomach. After drinking Tahitian Noni Juice, wait 30-45 minutes before you smoke, or consume caffeine or alcohol. It does not matter what time of day you choose to drink Tahitian Noni Juice. However, if taking it before bed keeps you awake (this is rare), drink it 30-45 minutes before dinner instead. If you need to stay awake or alert for whatever reason, keep drinking sips of Tahitian Noni Juice to increase alertness. (E-mail us for a Down-loadable WORD attachment of our Guidelines Package)
HOW TO DRINK TAHITIAN NONI JUICE: Hold the juice under your tongue for 1½ to 3 minutes, (especially if you are a smoker), before swallowing. This triggers the enzymatic reaction and absorbs quickly through the skin of the mouth. Follow it up with a glass of water to help get it into the intestines faster. Tahitian Noni Juice is known to be very effective against canker sores, gingivitis and halitosis due to its natural antibacterial agents. Also, ask the person who gave you these instructions about the "Noni" flask from Morinda, Inc. This 8-oz. flask is handy to take Tahitian Noni Juice with you wherever you go.
WHEN TO EXPECT RESULTS: Approximately 25% of the people feel noticeable results within the first 2 - 4 weeks, about 50% feel results in 4 - 6 weeks and the final 25% usually feel results within 6 - 12 weeks. Do yourself a favor and make a commitment to your health, commit to drinking noni juice from Tahiti for at least 90-120 days to realize the full benefits. (Dr. Neil Solomon recommends 6 months in his studies.) BE PATIENT with natural products. The improvements may be gradual, steady and solid because it represents lasting activity of the healing systems rather than suppression of symptoms. Drinking Tahitian Noni Juice will provide the body with an important source of proxeronine and proxeronaise to supply the building blocks necessary for the formation of xeronine, an alkaloid essential for proper cell function and sustained health. Remember, good health is always best seen from a distance, like after your hair and nails have grown for a while. Stick with it and you will definitely notice your well being improve.
IMPORTANT: Tahitian Noni Juice is 100% NON-TOXIC to the body, so don't' worry about drinking too much. It is safe for babies in the womb and our great, great grandparents.
PLEASE NOTE: A small percentage of people may notice the detoxification process, usually for less than one week, i.e., nausea, skin rashes, tiredness, headaches, diarrhea, etc. This is a good sign! It indicates that your system is "purifying" and toxins are releasing at the cellular level. Stay with it! It will pass. If it is intolerable, cut the amount in half for a minimum of 1 week and drink lots of distilled water. Distilled water will help flush out your system. If you are not receiving the benefits you want, experiment with the amount and time you drink it. There is no "wrong" way to drink Tahitian Noni Juice. "JUST DRINK IT!"

A healing crisis is in effect when the body is in the process of elimination. Reactions may be mild or they may be severe. One should expect this and actually work toward it. Be assured that the body's inherent desire is for perfect health. Fortunately, we have the ability to earn our way back to that state. The body must go through an elimination process to achieve good health. There will be ups and downs -- one does not go immediately into good health. We call this elimination process the "healing crisis". A healing crisis is the result of every body system in concert to eliminate waste products and set the stage for regeneration. Old tissues are replaced with new ones. A disease crisis, on the other hand is NOT a natural one and works AGAINST the body's natural processes. Symptoms may be identical to the disease, but there is an important difference -- ELIMINATION! A cleansing, purifying process is underway and stored wastes are in a free-flowing state. Sometimes pain during the healing crisis is of greater intensity than when building the chronic disease. This may explain why there may be a brief flare up in one's condition. The crisis will usually bring about past conditions in whatever order the body is capable of handling at that time. People often forget the diseases or injuries they have had in the past, but are usually reminded of them during the crisis. Reactions could include skin eruptions, nausea, headache, sleepiness, unusual fatigue, diarrhea, head or chest cold, ear infections, boils, joint pain, or any other way the body uses to loosen and eliminate toxins. The crisis usually lasts about three days but, if the energy of the person is low, it may last for a week or more. The body needs juices, and especially DISTILLED water, to help carry off the toxins. This is a time for rest -- mental as well as physical rest. However, one crisis is not always enough for a complete cure. The person in a Chronic state -- that is, the person who has gone through many disease processes in life -- must go through these processes again. Often the crisis will come after one feels their very best, setting the stage for the elimination. The whole body must get into action. Most people feel an energy boost the first few days the toxins are dumped into the blood stream for elimination. Therefore, go as slowly as your body needs to in order that your elimination is gradual and comfortable. With a more serious condition, there may be many small crises to go through before the final one is possible. Everything must be considered and given its proper place in the build up to a healing crisis. As mentioned above, one should expect it and indeed work toward it!

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1st NONIMOMS meet at the NONICENTRE 22/4/06

Top 10 Reasons Why Moms Make The Best Word Of Mouth Advertisers:

Noni Moms Rule! Nothing against men, but here are 10 reasons why women make the best Tahitian Noni Juice Distributors!!

1. MOMS know health! Why are health plans now marketing to mothers? Because studies show in 73% of households that it's the female making the important health decisions for the family. And so it should be! Nobody knows health like mom, and insurance companies finally realize it!
2. MOMS know their families! Moms are nurturers. They want the best for their families. They know their children, from the number of flues and colds they usually get per year, to other things like sores and aches and acne. Moms finally have a dependable natural supplement for both serious health problems and life's bumps and bruises.
3. MOMS understand prevention! You don't have to lecture a mom about an ounce of prevention being more valuable than a pound of cure! Moms love NATURAL products. If something from nature really exists that she can DEPEND on to keep her family healthy, of course she will prefer it over drugs or medicines when she has a choice.
4. MOMS recognize a deal when they see it! A deal is only a deal when you get something good. Being able to buy Tahitian Noni Juice WHOLESALE is a real deal. Getting the juice paid for by telling a few people is even a better deal! And finally, the intangibles of a healthier family with less sick days is what really makes Noni a deal for a mom!
5. MOMS are natural networkers! Think about it. What group of the population talks more to each other than moms? Especially on the subject of HEALTH! This is the NUMBER ONE reason this natural health product is so popular. Moms talk!
6. MOMS want to stay home! Ask any working mom, no matter what her job is, if she could earn the same income from home, which would she prefer? Moms love extra cash without leaving home to get it!
7. MOMS yearn for financial security! Morinda is breaking all the records for the fastest-growing network marketing company in history. We have several moms who have matched their husband's salary in less than a year. Single moms are creating permanent financial independence and security. Married moms are helping themselves and their families get out of debt and retire early!
8. MOMS love to help others! The personal satisfaction of\n helping others improve their health brings joy to anybody, and moms do this naturally. Nothing fixes the blues like helping others with Tahitian Noni Juice and seeing it change lives!
9. MOMS just want to have fun! Wait until you see how much FUN this is! Any success takes hard work, but when it\'s fun, it doesn't feel like hard work. We just feel guilty we are getting paid to do something so FUN!
10 MOMS love Noni!

21 Reasons to drink NONI JUICE

21 Reasons to Drink Noni Juice by Dr. Neil Solomon M.D. Ph.D.

1. Prevent and Protect Against Cancer -- Morinda citrifolia might exert a preventative and protective action against cancer during the initiation stage, which is the first phase of the formation of the cancer. Many feel antioxidant activity is an important function of Noni juice and one of the reasons so many people have reported success with cancer while using the juice.
2. Alleviates Symptoms of Arthritis -- There are several ways in which Noni may alleviate the undesirable symptoms of arthritis. Pain is the number one complaint with arthritis. Because Noni has analgesic qualities, it can help relieve this pain. Morinda citrifolia has also been shown to contain scopoletin, which has anti-inflammatory and histamine-inhibiting effects, both of which are excellent for the promotion of smooth joint movement. The cellular-enhancing qualities of Noni may also minimize damage to the joints and other involved tissues.
3. Fights Heart Disease -- Noni juice can help with high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. Some scientists believe that xeronine can help promote a healthy cell structure within the circulatory system. Noni juice can also lessen the symptoms of heart disease.
4. Lowers High Blood Pressure -- In my research, 85 percent of Noni juice drinkers reported decreased blood pressure while drinking Noni juice.
5. Strengthens the Immune System -- Noni juice boosts the overall immune system of the body and helps to maintain optimal health. Noni may help modulate a healthy immune system by either enhancing an already functioning system, by stimulating the components of a sluggish one, or by decreasing an overactive immune system. The mechanism by which Noni can do these different functions is called Adatogenisis.
6. Reduces Symptoms of Fibromyalgia -- Many people who suffer from fibromyalgia experience loss of energy. An increase in energy from Noni is a very positive side effect from the juice. Seventy0seven percent of people with fibromyalgia reported lessened symptoms after they began drinking Noni juice.
7. Fortifies Cell Structure -- Noni is believed to fortify and maintain cell structure. This can be accomplished by Noni helping the body heal itself and because Noni can aid "sick" cells in repairing themselves.
8. Helps Control Diabetes -- Noni can aid in the regulation of insulin secretion by the pancreas, helping control diabetes. Drinking Noni may also help relieve diabetic symptoms through its ability to stimulate the body's production of nitric oxide. Both may also be important factors in decreasing symptoms such as poor circulation and vision problems.
9. Reduces Symptoms of Asthma -- Noni may help in reducing the severity of the symptoms of asthma by boosting and modulating the immune system and enhancing the cellular structure of the bronchioles.
10. Fights Depression -- Noni's ability to modulate natural bio-chemicals such as brain hormones might be why many people have felt less depress after drinking Noni juice.
11. Offers Pain Relief -- Some scientists believe that Noni is associated with the body's production of a very important biochemical known as serotonin, which may involve the xeronine system that is believed to promote the body's ability to ward off pain.
12. Helps Promote Weight Loss -- Noni may help you lose weight by promoting better sleep, aiding in the regulation of blood sugar levels, and by boosting the number of antioxidants in the body.
13. Helps Control ADHD -- Noni may be helpful for this condition in both children and adults thought its ability to modulate the production of some of he chemicals in the brain as well as increase overall cellular health in the brain.
14. Helps Treat Migraines -- Preliminary results show that there is a non/serotonin relationship. Studies suggest that Noni juice was clinically helpful in the treatment of migraines.
15. Successful in the Treatment of Addictions -- Noni juice has been said to be successful in the treatment of addictions to heroine, cocaine, marijuana, nicotine, alcohol, prescription drug use and caffeine.
16. Protects Against Strokes -- Noni may help inhibit premature coagulation in the blood, preventing platelets form clumping together into clots associated with strokes.
17. Lowers Cholesterol -- Noni is a potent free radical scavenger that can contribute to lower cholesterol levels and prevents LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) from oxidizing.
18. Increases Memory -- Noni may be used by the brain to encode long-term memory and enhance blood flow to the brain.
19. Strengthens the Nervous System -- Noni functions as a "messenger molecule" that may allow nerve cells in the body and the brain to communicate effectively.
20. Encourages Detoxification -- Noni can increase the rate of liver detoxification by more than 50 percent.
21. Improves Skin Condition -- Noni can be used topically. Its anti-inflammatory and histamine-inhibiting effects can help fight allergies, skin conditions and inflammation


Thousands of years ago, sea-going people journeyed in great outrigger canoes to settle what is now known as French Polynesia. Space in the canoes was precious; they brought only what they needed to survive. Morinda citrifolia (noni) was prized cargo in these canoes because of its healthful properties. Indeed it was considered queen of the 'canoe plants' used to establish the new villages.
Knowledge of noni's healthful benefits has been passed from parents to children for countless generations in the South Pacific and Southeast Asia. Families used the noni fruit both internally and externally for its innumerable benefits.
Though noni was widely used and cherished in French Polynesia, its marvelous secrets remained unknown to the rest of the world for thousands of years.
Then, in the twentieth century, ethnobotanists interested in the methods of native healers began to study this remarkable fruit. Even the United States military, during World War II, studied the usability and benefits of the noni plant, which were included in the Military Field Handbook for Survival.
Tahitian Noni International, the first company to bring noni to the market, harvests noni exclusively in French Polynesia. Tahitian Noni International discovered that noni from French Polynesia is more than 20% richer in vital nutrients and components than fruit grown elsewhere. Rich, volcanic soils give more abundant life to everything in French Polynesia. The nourishing minerals in the earth combine with the pure water and the clean, tropical air of the islands to become the perfect place to grow noni.

The Queen of NONI is now in INDIA


Noni is the common name for morinda citrifolia, a tropical fruit that grows year-round in the Pacific Islands. Islanders have used noni for thousands of years for its healthful benefits.
No longer an island secret, noni has been studied for decades by renowned ethnobotanists, scientists, and medical professionals. They've discovered that noni and more specifially, TAHITIAN NONI® Juice, works on a cellular level and affects nearly every system of the body. TAHITIAN NONI® Juice is also a rich source of antioxidants.
The health benefits of noni are now available in TAHITIAN NONI® Juice, the worlds original and number-one noni product. Discover for yourself the benefits of this exotic secret.
Quality control is essential both for product integrity and effectiveness. Tahitian Noni International is the first company in the world to develop a patented tree-to-bottle process that regulates everything from harvesting the abundant supply of this amazing fruit to processing it with a proprietary method.
The TAHITIAN NONI® Juice formula is exclusive and unique to Tahitian Noni International. It is impossible to duplicate.